I thank Ms. Adelle for her patience and expertise in preparing my high school son for his math tests and SAT preparation. With her  help he has increased his SAT Math score by 180 points. I am happy to recommend you to others. Sincerely, Mariella 
Adelle tutored my daughter in SAT math for several weeks. My 
 daughter's score improved by 50 points. Adele was able to 
 identify her problem areas and provide clear explanations for 
 solutions. She was a dependable and helpful tutor. 
L. Callahan 
 Philip got a 530 on the Math section, which represents around a 
 75-point increase since the one in May. That's entirely due to 
 you and we very much appreciate all the work you put into helping 
 him. Unfortunately he dropped down about 40 points in the 
 Verbal, from 610 last time to around 570 this time. But that 
 really represents a lack of attention on his part, I should 
 think, since he really put more of his attention into the math. 
 I think as long as he's in the mid-500's for both of them, we'll 
 be more comfortable than with a 400 in the mix. What I'm NOT 
 sure of is whether the schools take the higher scores piecemeal, 
 or as a whole. Do you know? Will they discard the lower Verbal 
 score from this time in favor of the higher one last time, and 
 the lower Math score last time in favor of the higher one this 
 time, or do they take each exam as a whole? 
 Many thanks again - 
 Linda Goodman 
 I gladly recommend Adelle as a highly qualified tutor. She has 
 worked for our language school for several months and has proven 
 to be a fun and creative Spanish teacher. 

 Adelle is a motivated instructor who is an asset to our 
 organization. I would welcome the opportunity to tell you more 
 about her work with us. 
 Karen Ash 
 Private Client Manager 
 ABC Language Exchange 
 I just wanted to let you know how well Trey and Bianca  are doing in school, especially in math, this year. Your tutoring 
 classes with them definitely helped them get ready for the school 
 year. Bianca, who is in an eighth grade honors class, gets nothing 
 but straight A's and Trey in fifth grade is doing extremely well 
 also. Thank you so much for your help. Your teaching skills made 
 all the difference. We will be in touch if we need your "support" 
Susanna Herlitz-Ferguson 

 I want to thank you so much for helping me pass statistics. I am happy to say that I got a "B" 
 on my grade for this course. The professor never sent me my test mark.  
Without your help,  I would never have been able to pass this class. I can actually  work  the  calculator, and understand  how to do statistics. I look forward to working with you when I take the  next part - "Quantative Analysis" next year(depending on when this course is available since I am almost finished with my degree). 
 Thanks again, 
 Paul Tiefel 

I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent job you did with my Son Ian, in preparation for the ISEE. Your work with him raised his test scores substantially, and undoubtedly contributed to his being offered a merit scholarship at his prep school of choice. I am very happy to have been recommenced to you, and would enthusiastically recommend you to others in turn.
Brian Clayman

Hi my name is Ira. Adelle helped me immensely in my college biology course. I was having a hard time at first when I took it during the year. Then, last summer I retook the course and I got an A thanks to Adelle. She is a very knowledgeable, patient and helpful tutor. I felt like I was actually learning the material that seemed incredibly difficult before. If you need someone to teach you science look no further than Adelle.

Adelle tutored my daughter in English for the ACT for a very short period of time and her score improved 7 points (equal to about a 140 point jump on the SAT)! I would wholeheartedly recommend Adelle as a tutor. She is thoroughly familiar with the subject matter, targets the student's weaknesses, is a great motivator and GETS RESULTS! I am so pleased with Adelle, that I plan to have her tutor my daughter in college level math over the summer.
Sincerely, Patricia Coster

"In the summer of 2007, Ms. Cadogan tutored me for my Chemistry Regents. With Ms. Cadogan help, my score when from 50's to 80. "
Margaret Panayiotou

Thank you so much for tutoring our daughter who failed the Math B regents in school. She had to take a retest during the summer and we needed your help. Even though you only spent 3 two hour days with her, your patience and teaching technique really paid off. We are happy to say she passed with a 75 and I am sure if she spent more time with you the grade would have been higher. Thank you again for everything that you have done. We will make sure to keep your number handy for future use!
The Bershads

As promised, this e-mail is to let you know that I am very happy to inform you that Vanessa's report card finally arrived and I was impressed to see how she was able to pull her grades up from a 60 average to an 83 on her final composition. She admits she shook the laziness out of her and her efforts were reflected in her third trimester score (89). I was mostly concerned about the final composition since it involved all the meterial from the beginning of the year and you were a great help with reviewing this material with Vanessa.
Thank you for your assistance.

My name is Dante Patrick and I want to say thank you to Ms. Adelle for helping me with my 7th grade math. You are very patient and make math a lot more understanding. I felt more confident taking the math final and I did very well.
We want to thank you for your time and expertise and we will definitely recommend you to others.
The Patrick Family